Our Services

Our objective is to add value at each stage of our affiliated company’s growth cycle to help accelerate sales and enhance value. We have assembled a first-rate team of specialists to ensure we meet this objective quickly, effectively, and efficiently.

Strategic Business Planning

Harvard Soft has a diverse number of affiliated companies that it is currently working with in different phases. The company and projects are focused on a range of categories that include the Ecommerce, communications, and networking space. Located north of Boston, Harvard Soft has access to an extraordinary technical pool of talented individuals.

Business and Financial Modeling

Harvard Soft is able to leverage shared resources to further increase each company's value. Our proactive, hands-on approach creates partnerships and integration of technologies and services for accelerated growth and efficiency.


Professional Services

In a tight high skilled labor market, Harvard Soft has been able to overcome many obstacles that other companies are being forced to confront and paying high costs to resolve. Harvard Soft has a talented pool of technical gurus as well as seasoned professionals in both sales and marketing. Currently, we have our consultants working at publicly traded award winning technology companies, multinational corporations, start up companies, as well as our partner companies. Whether you are an organization looking to hire the best and the brightest, or a job seeker looking for a new opportunity, Harvard Soft is your Career partner. Our reputation for impeccable service and customer satisfaction consistently yields repeat business and referrals from our clients and employees.
We specialize in recruiting permanent, contract and contract-to-permanent professionals in Information and Software Technology, Information Design & Delivery, Software Engineering, Software Quality Assurance.

Application Services

Harvard Soft manages, supports and hosts packaged Application Service Provider (ASP) applications. At present Harvard Soft is focused on E-Commerce, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Our ASP model consists of many opportunities for cross selling and up selling. Harvard Soft seamlessly supports its customers 24x7 in their operations, helping to make their business a greater success.

Harvard Soft ASP services includes the following:

  • Business Design Analysis
  • Specification Development
  • Client Based Solutions
  • Application Enhancement
  • Data Collection and Integration
  • Project Management
  • User Training Online Support

Software Development

Harvard Soft designs custom design software for their clients. At this time Harvard Soft is designing and deploying the following application software.

  • Billing system
  • Transportation tracking system
  • Health Records maintenance system
  • Mechanical Industrial parts development (CAD/CAM)
  • Civil Engineering and Construction management software


Effective Network / Information security management is more than just putting out the fires. Many of today’s systems are made of one or more applications that may run on a variety of platforms and have a variety of front-ends. These applications may rely on different databases, linked networks and exchange information with each other and external third-parties which can open you up to Internet security issues. Organizations must identify how they use information to meet their strategic business goals; then determine the best ways to protect their information assets throughout the information security life cycle.

We provide expert, objective consulting to help you define your security strategy, identify and address vulnerabilities, implement tools that speed up security setup. Our highly talented teams provide security assessments, design, and operational assistance for business-critical IT infrastructure.

Our services range from new implementations to upgrades and migrations and from integration to functional, technical and security improvements. Highly experienced, our consultants bring both technical knowledge and business understanding to every client assignment.

We provide vulnerability assessments, helps performing more rigorous penetration tests, Intranet Security Testing , Dial-in RAS Security Testing, Web Application Assessment , Physical Security Testing , Forensics , Social Engineering Assessments & Training, Network vulnerability assessments and penetration testing, Web application security testing, Security architecture design, Review Security policy design and on-going 24/7 management of security infrastructure components.

Electronic Commerce

Harvard Soft designs and deploys secure, reliable applications for current and future e-commerce applications with strategic planning. Our e-Business solutions automate your business process on fingertips. Harvard Soft want their customers to succeed in business operations. Harvard Soft walk thru Entire business process development and support. Harvard Soft business plans are depend on the following key steps.

  • Customer needs
  • Inventory control
  • On-line order management
  • Shopping cart
  • Shipping
  • Online payments
  • Security (Customer confidence)
  • 24 x 7 Customer Support

Also our e-commerce solutions supports internet related issues such as Intranet/Extranet, Contingency analysis, and Site traffic analysis.


Our Clients